“Come Away” from Monte Montgomery

In this do-it-yourself age music Fans are no longer looking at or listening to the same thing at the same time. The internet has become the great leveller. There are no more barriers to entry and everyone can see everything at anytime. So we choose and create our own niche. The mass audience of Bruce Springsteen or U2 will never be reached again. We’re all busy exploring our own thing. So musicians-hive to concentrate on their fans, their own territory. You’d be surprised how well this can work.

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For example, in February 2013 Monte Montgomery is Playing in Texas. In the month of March, Monte Montgomery is playing in Texas. ln the month of April, Monte Montgomery is, you guessed it, playing in Texas. I’ve seen that before, with Pat Green. I wanted to sigil him to a print deal and told my sales guys that to make good money they only had to sell hi the state of Texas. I don’t know if Monte is frustrated with this situation, but he obviously has enough fans to ink a living by playing primarily in his home state. He might like to build a fan-based elsewhere, but he doesn’t have to.

I’ve described Monte in the past as a first rate songwriter, an excellent vocalist and one of the finest living guitarists on the planet. He can play with the power of the Hulk, the speed of the Flash, and the grace of the Silver Surfer. He has yet to inspire his own comic book, but he is a guitar hero. Guitar Player magazine has named him one of the Top 50 All-Time Greatest Guitar Players. And because you stopped by this article you are going to get to see him without visiting Texas.

I’ve chosen a live version of his song Come Away, because I love the rhythm guitar drive, which he told me was inspired by Pete Townshend: I also love the repeated hook of the title lyrics and the way they are sung over and over. We’ve also got the Hotel California format of the killer guitar solo at the end of the song. And most of all, herein lies Monte’s signature of playing his acoustic guitar exactly as he would an electric solid body. After seeing and hearing this video you’ll know why he is listed in all of the Taxas , travel brochures, as a tourist attraction.



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