Choose The Best Acoustic Guitar

Choosing an acoustic guitar is like choosing a car or a home. Therefore, there are a lot of factors you need to consider when you buy an acoustic guitar. Sure, you will spend a lot of time with your guitar. The most expensive or popular guitar is not actually the best acoustic guitar. It has to be a suitable guitar for your playing style, lifestyle, and your playing level. There are many aspects of an instrument you should note when buying a guitar. Here are some useful information about choosing an acoustic guitar you should know.

Choose The Best Acoustic Guitar


They are the special features of an instrument. They are provided by a guitar manufacturer from basic to complex. Specifications are very important to choose a guitar. With high specs, a guitar will be better. Therefore, choosing the best guitar requires analyzing guitar’s specifications at first.


Choose The Best Acoustic Guitar 2It’s considered to be the first and obvious spec of a guitar. Sometimes, woods can be the same kind, but have different quality. The wood’s quality is reflected in the price. On the market, the acoustic guitar may be made of some kinds of woods such as walnut, mahogany, rosewood, and maple. Besides, there are more exotic woods as blackwood, sapele, cocobolo, bird’s eye maple, and ovangkol. These woods are common in high-end guitars. Depending on the type of wood, the quality is different for each type. For example, a maple guitar brings a brighter tone that is suitable for higher notes.


Choose The Best Acoustic Guitar 3It allows the sound to through an amplifier when plugged in. However, not all guitars have electronics, so you needn’t worry about this specification. Pickups have also great effects to the tone of the guitar. An acoustic guitar often has a pickup, but it still requires batteries as a power source because of the lack of pots.

If you want to see how the pickups react to different levels, you need to use an amplifier. This will bring you a better idea of an instrument for better sound. A recommendation for you is trying a variety of different amplifiers of the guitar to better replicate the audio problems.

Tuners and Bridge

Choose The Best Acoustic Guitar 4The bridge will definitely have an impact on the tone. It is used to describe the entirety of the piece. It is usually made of harder woods as treated rosewood and ebony. Its pins are often made of bone or others such as graphite or brass. The tone will be affected by the wood. Depending on the quality of the wood, the tone is different. In fact, ebony will have brighter and lighter tone while rosewood will produce a darker tone.

The acoustic guitar is unlike electric guitars. They don’t have many options of tuners. Thus, it’s really important to try a variety of tunings on a guitar before you commit to buying.

Body shape, size and pick guards

The ability to resonate of an acoustic guitar depends on its size. A large bodied guitar will produce much louder sounds. And, smaller bodied guitars will bring brighter sounds, and they let single notes ring more clearly. If you want to choose the best guitar, you need to consider your playing as well as your lifestyle.

Pick guards are not necessary for acoustic guitars because they don’t affect the tone of this instrument. You should use it only when you want to scrape your pick against your instrument while strumming.


It’s important to see how a guitar sounds n the different environments, take some time to also fiddle around, and play pieces of music on it when you want to choose yourself an acoustic guitar. The best one will be still the best for a few days or even a week later.


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